GPS TrackMaker for Macintosh, Pocket PC, H/PC or Palm

Unfortunately there isn't a version of GPS TrackMaker for Macintosh, pocket PC, H/PC, iPaqs, Palms or other family of computers.

GPS TrackMaker is being developed since 1998 for Microsoft Windows 95, 98, ME, NT and XP. Currently the program has more than 140.000 programming lines. It is like a book with more than 4500 pages that would have to be converted to other language.

The Author would spend at least 12 months to create a basic version of the program for each type of computer. Unfortunately he doesn't have this available time.

At this moment he is working in projects that guarantee the survival of his company (Geo Studio Tech Ltd). Basically hardware projects like GPS data loggers, GPS/GSM tracking modules and others devices to be used with GPS TrackMaker.