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The best software
for treating GPS data
and mapping

Professionals from several countries are already
using GPS TrackMaker® for creating detailed maps
from GPS data.More than 160 GPS models from the
leading manufactures are recognized by the program.
Technical Specifications and Supported GPS Models.
Full integration with Google Earth™ and Google Maps™
allows to use free georeferenced satellite images.


TM Series are the best modules for
automatic vehicle location to be used
with GPS TrackMaker®

With more than 10 years of experience in GPS development,
we have acquired specific know-how to create complete tracking
systems that include automatic vehicle location modules, websites
and PC software. With factories located in USA and Brazil
we produce the new TM20A module with advanced resources such as
data logger, automatic data recovery, real-time tracking every
second and total integration with GPS TrackMaker®.

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